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 千赢国际老虎机 Standards
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Wuxi fully steel rope co.,LTD
Address:WUXI City yangjian town yanjiaqiao
Contacts:Wu yong shan(13771176761)

Wuxi fully steel rope co.,LTD is a specialized in producing steel wire, wire rope business.Key production processes is using computer control,also with perfect and reliable products inspection means——Raw material component analysis(Including Wire、Steel properties、Corrosion resistance、The whole justice broken Rally、Fatigue Properties、Elongation、Rubber binding、Elastic properties Etc.).

The company has rich experience in production,strong technological development capability,improve the quality management system,Good after-sales service,Products in accordance with the domestic and international production standards by the Chinese National Standards、ISO international standards、German 千赢国际老虎机 standards、North America, MIL-W-83420E standards Etc.Executable products can Perform industry for common standards,and set up internal control standards.And at the same time also can be set up the Contact with the users of the special products' products control standards.

Wuxi fully steel rope co.,LTDimplement the service concept of "customer satisfaction is the starting point, innovation is the eternal"all along.Use the Employment conceptof "Moral to the first,Elite and moral balance,People can be full play is the side of talent".Managers were strict requirements by"Selfless devotion to the exquisite,Enthusiasm of the staff,Dutifully to the work,Clean and honest to itselves"。

Wuxi fully steel rope co.,LTDimplement the advanced management mode,application of enterprise network management technology,Own a experienced、skilled efficient and pragmatic and with the spirit of teamworkcontingent of staff.Enhance the quality,improve the management,create the first-class of enterprise.

  Welcome for the new and old friends to come to discuss cooperation, hand in hand, seeking the both win and common development, and create a future!

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